Theeradesa Mahila Society (TMS)

In 1983 FCDP started Theeradesa Mahila Society (TMS), a coastal women’s organization to ensure the empowerment and integral development of the women of the fishing community. Due to this phenomenal growth in membership, activities and organizing capacity, FCDP gave it an independent status registering it as a separate society in 1995 called Theeradesa Mahila Society (TMS). The organization has been implementing several activities such as educational and awareness programmes, savings schemes, bank loans, other economic and employment programmes. It is also a forum for fighting against injustice, alcoholism, environmental pollution etc.
Through this organization the women of the coastal belt began to save money and practice thrift. This brought about reduced interest rate for money. Besides, women became aware of their own rights, the need for justice and community participation. These awareness programmes gave them greater sense of security and new vision.


Social, Cultural, Economic, Employment, Health, and Awareness Development & Empowerment of the Women


  • Conscientization, sensitization
  • Seminar, training programmes
  • Health care
  • Small saving scheme
  • Fixed long term savings
  • Credit union
  • Self employment support scheme (SESS)
  • Cooperative of fish vending women

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