Counselling is a unique, one-to-one relationship between two people with the aim of restoring emotional well-being to the client. The people of the coastal area face a lot of emotional and psychological problems especially the youth and married couples. There are issues of substance addiction and abuse causing violence and disputes among people. Counselling services intend to cater to the large number

of people suffering from emotional and psychological stress, substance addiction and marital disputes and thus is indispensable. The counselling centre provides services of experienced and qualified counsellors. The centre functions Monday to Saturday from 10am – 5pm and services are provided with prior appointment only.

    The centre provides counselling for:
  • - Career counselling
  • - Child counselling
  • - Pre-marital counselling
  • - Family Counselling
  • - Counselling for domestic violence
  • - Geriatric counselling
  • - Grief counselling
Contact: 6360544503

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