Community Health Centers

A community health center is a peripheral outpost of the existing health delivery system in rural areas.The primary healthcare centre run in collaboration with Bishop Benziger College of Nursing and Bishop Beniziger Hospital, Kollam caters mainly to the 1454 households of nine nagars of Pallithottam with a population of 7036 members. Every year around 7000 patients are treated at the health centre including patients from other areas too. The health centre conducts B.P clinics, adolescent clinic, antenatal clinic and geriatric clinic every month and also TT injections.

Service Offerings

  • Preventive Services: Health education and awareness programmes, de-worming, adolescent clinics etc.
  • Curative Services: Outpatient clinic, Treatment for minor ailments and referral services are available. The medicines and primary care is free of cost to all patients.
  • MCH Services: Assessment of registered Antenatal and Postnatal mothers, screening for urine sugar, immunization, distribution of iron, folic acid and calcium tablets and health education.
  • School Health Services
  • Adolescent Clinic
  • National health programmes
  • Survey & Home visits
  • Referral Services

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