Fishermen Community Development Programme (FCDP) and Theeradesa Mahila Society (TMS) have been actively engaged in the integral development of the fisher folk community since 1978. Self Help Groups were organized to help unemployed and economically vulnerable women in fishermen community, become self-reliant through the development of their technical and vocational skills. “Sustained Income for Rural Women

Through Entrepreneurial Activities and Social Empowerment” is a project that initiated in 2017 with the support of BOSCONET (Delhi) and BREADS (Bangalore) to revamp the already existing SHGs and create new ones.
The objective of the Project was to create sustained Income for the women from fisher folk community, through entrepreneurial activities and social empowerment. Every SHG participant was to be adequately prepared to engage in an income generating activity or start their own business individually.

Major Skill Training Programmes for SHG members
- Food Processing
- Home care & Beauty Products
- EDP Training
- Training for SHG leaders
- Handicraft
- Marketing

Success stories

-The story of Snehalatha
Snehalatha is a woman from fisher folk community. Earlier she stayed at home as a house-wife and was completely dependent on the husband, who was a lorry driver. Having attended the skill training programmes at FCDP, she realized that she could also contribute towards the financial needs of her 5-member family, she tried her hands at candle making. With the training in candle making she is now earning about 30,000 rupees per month. Her husband also started helping her to reach out the business as a big success. Today she is proud to be actively involved in business.

“In 2016, I was just a member of Theeradesa Mahila Society. Through continuous group meetings of TMS, I came to know about Self Help groups and its benefits. Later I used to attend the various training programs conducted by the FCDP and I have learned to make different Masalas by the first training programme itself. Once I was educated regarding marketing and income generating possibilities of these masala products, I wanted to be part of the masala unit. As a part of FCDP Self-help group, I feel happy to be part of this venture,

-Sheela Stephen
I got a grateful chance to be part of that. I would like to tell that, this is one of the wonderful turning points in my life to be a financially independent woman.”

“I am Sheela Stephen. I have two kids. My daughter is pursuing BSc. Nursing and son, automobile engineering. My husband is working abroad for long. I never thought I could do something for my family, except managing the household things. When I joined an SHG group formed by FCDP, I started coming for the trainings and other classes conducted in FCDP. Once I attended a class regarding marketing and I got the training of masala powder making. After the 1st training, I planned to start a masala powder business and for that I came for the 2nd training as well. FCDP then started a new masala unit with 5 members and I got a chance to be a part of that. Once I started working at the healthy masala unit, I began to earn money for my needs. That was very surprising and a different experience for me to look after my family and myself on my own"

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