Seminar - Customer Interaction

Date : 27/8/2014
Venue : DB Tech Auditorium
Topic : Customer Interaction

DB.Tech, Kollam conducted a guest class about Customer Interaction on 27/8/2014 was handled by Mr.Girish Nair from Carnival Group. During the session, he gave an introduction about customer service, how we can satisfy a customer by developing personal grooming, communication etc.A CIM application will be deployed in a contact cnetre and used by the agents while communicating with clients customers of the organisation. Customer Interaction Management systems handle communication across multiple different channels, such as e-mail, SMS, telephone, Instant Messaging etc.Besides, he explained about Carnival Group features, its different areas of jobs opportunities, the benefits provided to the employees and the career progression at Carnival Group etc. He interacted with each students and which made the candidates to enquire more about carnivals . The session was very valuable and which was very helpful to the trainees to make their career with Carnival Group.