Parents’ Meeting

Date : 25/05/2015
Time : 10 am
Venue : DB tech, Kollam

A parent teacher conference helps to communicate to parents the areas their children are excelling in and to give them specific ideas of how to improve upon their child’s performance. Parent-Teacher meeting should be used as a platform to make a lasting bond with the parent to increase the likelihood of academic success for their child.

Keeping this goal in mind, a Parent-Teacher Meeting was organized in our center on 25th May, 2015. To organize the meeting joint efforts were made by all the trainers. All the faculty members were allotted different responsibilities. The points to be discussed with parents were decided after a brain-storming session in the meeting.

We gave a feedback form to get their feedback on the teaching – learning process in DB Tech. When greeting parents we started on a positive note and thank them for coming, identify strength and ask the parent to embellish upon one also.

It is extremely important to keep the doors open and welcome parents to share in the educational goals of the student.