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Communicable Diseases
•  Helimenthiasic
•  Chicken pox

Non communicable diseases
•  Heart Diseases
•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
•  Additional supply of vitamins and
   minerals More+

Services Offering

•  Preventive Services
•  Curative Services
•  MCH Services
•  School Health Services
•  Adolescent Clinic
•  National health programmes

project justificationn

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions. Education remained impossibility amidst grueling poverty in the huts and colonies which provided them precarious shelter. Since the electrification of the houses was grossly inadequate, many of the school going children had to depend on kerosene lamps and candle lights. This triggered a steep fall in the pass percentage of children in the coastal schools. Failures and drop-outs increased to a very large extent.

Male students whose future was in jeopardy had no other alternative but to return to the traditional trade of fishing along with their fathers in order to make a living. The girls on the other hand confined themselves to their homes without pursuing their studies. This plight of the fisher folk which was brought to light by the educational survey conducted in 1985 was an eye-opener for the FCDP which lost no time in chalking out a comprehensive programme to cater to the needs of these deprived classes of people.

The humble beginnings of the educational programmes were in the form of tuition classes exclusively for the students of 8th and 9th standards. 75 underprivileged children found their succor in FCDP which provided tuition both in the morning and evening at Pallithottam. The tuition centers registered a robust growth and opened new centers at Moothakkara, Vaddy and Thangassery thereby taking the number of centers to 4 in 1988. This phenomenal growth further inspired the FCDP to render financial assistance to students in the higher education sector. By 1992 there were 5 tuition centers including the one opened at Port Kollam. The FCDP took the inclusion of educational beneficiaries from the Mundakkal area by creation of yet another centre at Mundakkal in 1998. Taking into account the high concentration of fishermen in the slum areas of Chinnakada, a centre was opened there to cater to the educational needs of the people there.

The FCDP was able to script the success saga in the educational sector by its relentless efforts to rope in the failures and drop-outs and by putting them once again on the track of learning. With a slew of measures undertaken by the FCDP the pathetic and plummeting educational standards underwent a sea-change for the better.

In 1985
•   The schools along the coast had very low pass percentage.
•   Large scale drop-outs from schools
•   Children took to fishing putting aside their studies
•   Very few went for higher education
•   Lack of congenial atmosphere for studying at home
•   Inability to pay high tuition fees
•   A poor educational progress at the rate of 40%

Twenty years of incessant work by the FCDP and the flawless execution of its programmes ensured a steady development as detailed below.

•   Increase in the pass percentage
•   More children attended classes
•   Drop in the number of students who took to fishing for livelihood
•   More students went in for higher education
•   Youth took recourse to trades other than fishing
•   Many could afford education
•   Interest in education rapidly increased
•   There was a record 90 % educational progress