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Communicable Diseases
•  Helimenthiasic
•  Chicken pox

Non communicable diseases
•  Heart Diseases
•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
•  Additional supply of vitamins and
   minerals More+

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•  Preventive Services
•  Curative Services
•  MCH Services
•  School Health Services
•  Adolescent Clinic
•  National health programmes

Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.

project justificationn

However, despite this progress various factors have adversely affected the studies and pursuit of knowledge. Successful education still remains an unachievable dream as the pervading atmosphere is hardly conducive for educational improvement with the congested houses, distracting modern gadgets of entertainment and uncertainties in the employment market. In the wake of such development there is an increasing demand for tuition by the students to retain their interest in education and to anchor them safely in this competitive field.

The FCDP has been abundantly blessed with ample facilities to house its tuition centers provided in the schools and institutions in the respective areas have considerably reduced the burden of finding building and other amenities, thanks to the cooperation and support of Parish Priests and Convent authorities.

But the major roadblock to this ambitious programme is severe financial crunch. When foreign funds were readily available between 1985 and 1995, the FCDP rendered this much-needed service without collecting any fees from the students. But since there was drastic drop in foreign funds, the FCDP had to depend on small contributions from the students. It has now become increasingly difficult to manage the various projects like Nursery classes, Evening classes for Classes 4 to 10 etc. owing to acute paucity of funds. Nearly 28 teachers handling classes have to be paid. The electricity charges, expenses of conducting examinations, costs of answer sheets, stationery and the expenses of other extra curricular activities are spiraling out of control. The meager sum collected as tuition fees from the students is hardly sufficient to meet the expenses rocketing everyday. Not even a quarter of the expenses can be met with the tuition fees. The fisher folk cannot be forced to shell out money for fees when the pittance they earn is hardly enough to make both ends meet. The only time when the fishermen earn is the period between June and October and the rest of the time they are able to pay only a small sum of money proportionate to their earnings. Hence practically the students cannot be asked to pay fees in the months of low earnings. Moreover it is worth mentioning that in the aftermath of the Tsunami of 26th December 2004, the resources in the sea have depleted and the income of the fishermen has touched an all-time low.

In these circumstances the fees collections has also been affected severely. The changes in the sea-bed has reduced the availability of fish. Such financial problems affecting the people have created difficulties in the smooth running of the tuition centers. It might take more than 10 years to set things right. The FCDP has a daunting task ahead. It has to sustain and keep up the gigantic strides already taken. This necessitates substantial monetary help from external sources.

The proposed project is of great importance to the target groups. The implementation of the project will provide them with the opportunity to become literate and move up in the ladder of education. Thus the project will improve their educational standard, which will positively and greatly influence and effect their overall development.

Through the various activities such as nursery schools, lower primary classes, tuition centers and children’s forums, the level of education in this coastal area would be improved. Thus the objective of providing quality education to the children and youth of the fishing community of the coastal areas could be achieved.