Service Offered Data

Communicable Diseases
•  Helimenthiasic
•  Chicken pox

Non communicable diseases
•  Heart Diseases
•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
•  Additional supply of vitamins and
   minerals More+

Services Offering

•  Preventive Services
•  Curative Services
•  MCH Services
•  School Health Services
•  Adolescent Clinic
•  National health programmes

Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.

Guest Classes

DB Tech, Kollam is conducting a Inspirational Movie Festival in the centre. Inspirational movies with meaningful life lessons for us to learn. It helps the students to gain confidence and self esteem.
They also ensure opportunities for students and helps them feel valued. In a work place, if you are motivated and happy you do the work to the best of your ability instead of just you doing it.Because you have to change your attitudes which effects customer relations.If you are motivated, you can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time to focus on other tasks as well.