Service Offered Data

Communicable Diseases
•  Helimenthiasic
•  Chicken pox

Non communicable diseases
•  Heart Diseases
•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
•  Additional supply of vitamins and
   minerals More+

Services Offering

•  Preventive Services
•  Curative Services
•  MCH Services
•  School Health Services
•  Adolescent Clinic
•  National health programmes

Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.


Self Help Groups
SHG’s are primary groups of TMS members. At present there are 120 SHG’s and the total membership of TMS is 2952. Each sanghams has six member committee including a president and a secretary who control and lead the activities of the sangham. This year 672 sangham meetings were held of which 7 meetings were called specially in the TMS Office.

Small Saving Scheme
Small saving scheme was initiated with the aim of creating a habit of saving among the members. These savings could be withdrawn by them at any time for their family and other requirements. Moreover, all the repayments are through these daily savings. The 120 SHG’s are grouped into 14 sections and each of the sections which have three or four sanghams are looked after by one field staff who visits the homes of each sangham member every day to collect their savings. This also helps to keep in touch with every member every day and ensure their full participation in all activities and know their needs and concerns. During this period Rs.7867655.00 was collected as savings of which Rs.7855301.00 was withdrawn by the members.

Fixed Saving Scheme
The daily savings are often withdrawn by the members for their various needs as well as for the repayment of advances. Hence little balance was left as their savings which could not be utilized for any long-term or emergency expenses. So TMS has introduced a Fixed saving scheme which allows the withdrawal of such savings only after a period of three years. This also helps TMS to have more rolling capital that is required for credit Union, SESS and other economic programmes. At present there are 312 members in this scheme and the amount collected from them during this period is Rs.212865.00

Credit Union
Credit Union is a project to avail loans to the members for their family needs and for starting some self employment activities. Loans are given up to the tone of Rs. 2000.00 to 10,000.00 of which 25% has to be their share of contribution. At present there are 1835 members in the credit union project. These loans have to be repaid in monthly installments within a period of 18 months. Those who repay the loan completely at any time can avail the loan immediately without any delay. This year 67 new members were given credit union loans. All together 393 members availed the loans during this period

Tailoring Unit
This is the garment making unit of TMS functioning in Don Bosco Welfare Centre. There are 7 members of TMS engaged in this unit for making and marketing garments for women such as Nighties, Chooridars, Skirts, School uniforms, Midi-Set, Frocks etc. These products are also bought by the TMS members and exhibition and sales are conducted throughout the year in different places on important feasts and festivals. This section is managed and monitored by a five member committee.

General Clinics
1. Register new and repeated patients visiting the clinic and maintain the register.
2. Doctors present in the OPD of the centre in all working days and see all the patients visiting the clinic.
3. Providing medicines and doing investigation based on the sickness.
4. Refers the patients to Bishop Benziger Hospital in case of emergency and complications.

Domestic Budgeting Programme (DBP)
This is a programme to supply the household provisions to the family of the members on an advance basis. The members of this programme can purchase provisions from TMS provision Store. At present there are 60 members in DBP. The repayment is made through the daily savings.

TMS Bakery
This is another income and employment generation programme of TMS. Four members are employed in this unit. Bakery items are made and supplied for tea party etc. and also sold to the public. A six member committee is monitoring and controlling its functioning. With the active cooperation of the members and well wishers this unit is functioning well.

Self Employment Support Scheme (SESS)
Over 450 members of TMS are fish vendors who sell fish in the markets or go from house to house selling fish to make a livelihood. They rely on the money lenders who charge exorbitant interest, for the initial investment. To free them from the clutches of the money lender to an extent and to support them with credit facilities, TMS started the Self- Employment Support Scheme. During this year 65 members were given these loans. All the members engaged in fish vending are requesting the loans but we are unable to meet the requests due to limitation of funds. All the members who benefited from this scheme are actively cooperating by making the repayment regularly as per the rules of the scheme.