DB Tech

Don Bosco Tech, Kollam was started with the intention of generating employment for the under privileged in the society.

As requested by the Quality Education and Skills Training (QUEST) Alliance, Bangalore (an association of about 125 technical Schools with the Salesians of Don Bosco in different parts of India) has taken up the responsibility of training about 50,000 youngsters in different skills in the various states of India. We have a unit of this project here in Kollam imparting a three months intensive training in areas such as retail(sales and marketing), skill development and spoken English.

About DB Tech
DB Tech is a network of 156 Don Bosco skill training centres spread across 25 states in the country making it the largest NGO engaged in livelihood training in India. All the centres provide employment-linked, market-oriented vocational training of short duration to the economically and socially marginalized youth.

DB Tech, a network of Don Bosco skill training centers that attempts to bridge this widening divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized from the ‘new economy’ jobs. DB Tech addresses this endemic problem with a market-based approach that is sensitive to the socio-economic needs of marginalized youth in the 18-35 years age group. DB Tech is an example of synchronous social action of various stakeholders, which is aimed at mainstreaming and ensuring economic security for youth who could be victimized by poverty. To enable them to gain a foothold in the competitive job market, DB Tech helps them acquire the required livelihood and soft skills in an environment of learning and mentoring that is responsive to the individual’s emotional and developmental needs.