Community Health Centres (CHC)

A community health center is a peripheral outpost of the existing health delivery system in rural areas. Community health centers are being established on the basis of one sub-center for every 5000 population in general, especially in hilly, tribal and backward areas. Community health center is manned by a multi purpose health worker and Doctors according to the need of the locality. The functions are limited to mother and child health care, family planning and immunization in general. It is proposed to extent the facilities for intra uterine device and simple laboratory investigations like routine examination of urine for sugar and albumin.

Service Offerings

Preventive Services
Health education and awareness programmes, de-worming, adolescent clinics etc. are the main service offerings by the centers for preventive diseases.

Curative Services
Outpatient clinic with a medical officer offers consultation and treatment daily. Treatment for minor ailments and referral services are available. The medicines and primary care is free of cost to all patients.

MCH Services
Assessment of registered Antenatal and Postnatal mothers, screening for urine sugar, immunization, distribution of iron, folic acid and calcium tablets and health education.

School Health Services
Health camps and health awareness programmes are being conducted for the school children of coastal areas.

Adolescent Clinic
Adolescent clinic for adolescent population, health check camps, awareness classes and immunization.

National health programmes
The centre is co-operating with all national health programmes.

Basic data about house and family members are collected by survey and periodical resurvey. Survey includes all members’ information and environmental conditions.

Home Visits
Homes are visited by the posted students under supervision of faculty members for primary care.

Referral Services
Through home visits, the clients’ problems are referred to the community health centre and then to Bishop Benziger Hospital.

Health Education
Health education is conducted in centers and schools in coastal areas regarding preventive and curative services.