Child Line

Govt. of India launched CHILDLINE Service during the year 1998-99. The child line is a 24 hour free phone service, which can be accessed by a child in distress or an adult on his behalf by dialing the number 1098 on the telephone. Child line provides emergency assistance to a child and subsequently based upon the child’s need, the child is referred to an appropriate organization for long-term follow up and care.The service focuses on the needs of children living alone on the streets, child labourers working in unorganized sector, domestic workers and sexually abused children.

CHILDLINE is envisaged by the Ministry as a National Service in each city. The service is being standardized to meet common norms and objects. CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) has been established as an umbrella organization to identify, provide support services and to monitor efficient service delivery of the centers at various locations. CIF serves as a link between the Ministry and the NGOs in the field. Secretary of the Ministry is the Chairperson of the Governing Board of the Foundation. It is a Project of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (GOI) in partnership with NGOs

CHILDLINE Service in Kollam
CHILDLINE 1098 has started ringing in Kollam District from 27th July 2011 onwards and Quilon Don Bosco Society is one of the partners of CHILDLINE Kollam. The other partners are Quilon Social Service Society and Punalur Social Service Society. CHILDLINE 1098 is a National, 24 hours, free emergency telephone help line and outreach service for children in need of care and protection. Though CHILDLINE started ringing in Kollam from the end of June, 2011; no formal inauguration was taken place. Considering the relevance of the day November 14th, it was decided to conduct the formal inauguration of CHILDLINE on the same day. Sri N Peethambara Kuruppu Member of Parliament, Kollam, Sri. P.K. Gurudasan MLA, Kollam, Sri P.G. Thomas IAS – District Collector were invited well in advance and ensured their participation in the inaugural session.

To reach out the children and the public for CHILDLINE various outreach programmes were done in different parts of Kollam district in the form of Open house, awareness programmes, liaison with allied systems, etc. In order to facilitate the outreach programmes successfully, palm lets, bit notices, brochures name slips, time table card, posters and wall paintings were also prepared. A week celebration named

CHILDLINE Se Dosti were done from 8th to 14th November 2011 and its report is briefed here under. “Childline Se Dosti” Suraksha Bandhan

CHILDLINE partners conducted Suraksha Bandhan as a symbol of care and protection in different schools by tying the band on the wrist of the guest invited – to make it sure that every child in the districts is under the protection of law. This programme was also done at Kollam along with inaugural function. At the sub center level Suraksha Bandhan Programme was on 9th November 2011 at Lilliana Special School,Punalur and St.John’s School,Punalur. The aim of the programme was to remind the teachers and concerned authorities that the care and protection of the students are rested with them. The center also conducted various programmes like World Day against Child Labour, School reopening ceremony and Child Helpline Day celebration

CHILDLINE Kollam expects to reach out the vulnerable children especially in rural and coastal areas and conduct mass outreach programmes in order to identify the child based issues. Special Child Protection Units are planned in various schools and implemented a few in the city in order to prevent child sexual abuses. The call center plans a joint raid along with the police department in various shops against the black selling of ‘Panmasala’. In the month of September center plans for the Child Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting along with district collector, Police Heads and other allied system heads in the city. The center also plans various training programme to the staffs and join as a Para Legal Volunteer with the help of Legal Service Authority in the districts.

Therefore, the call center has enormous growth within one year of its bloom and plans to spread all over and make the city child friendly by identifying and finding solutions to various problems affecting children.