Careers in Retail Management

Date : 14/11/2014
Topic : Careers in Retail Management

Mr. Joseph- Manager, (Retail Sector, Ecoshop) had taken an authoritative class on “Careers in Retail Management”. We were enthralled by his communication skills. We were content by his persuasiveness. He opened the doors of business and sales.

Retail management pertains to the task of managing supermarkets and hypermarkets in strict business terms. In India, the retail industry has seen a great upsurge in the past decade. From adopting new marketing strategies to diversifying into businesses, companies have tried all gimmicks to impress the customer. This is one industry that works clearly on the paradigm, “Customer is King”. The next time you enter a Reliance Fresh supermarket or a Big Bazaar to buy a commodity of your choice, try and analyze the various discount prices being offered. The systems these days are super fast and dynamic and totally computerized. Unlike in the past where you had a grocery or a kirana shop selling you products and commodities at higher prices, now almost everything comes for a discount! It is the sale season for no proper reason! Right from factory outlets to supermarkets, some brand or the other would offer you discounts to beat and win the competition.

As a student, pursuing a course in retail management would equip you with knowledge in the following areas overall:
1. Introduction to Retail Management and Concepts
2. Retailing trends
3. Retail Market Segmentation
4. Retail pricing and merchandising
5. Relationship Marketing in Retailing
6. Role of Information Technology in Retailing

He shared his excitement and experience for achieving success in life. He taught how to handle customers effectively. He urged our trainees to take up challenges daringly and to jump over hazards in life. He captured the trainees’ attention to focus in marketing.

He enabled our trainees to take up jobs in sales. He also spoke about the attractive remuneration packages in Service jobs.