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Non communicable diseases
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•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
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Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.

Activity Report

Activity Report
Quilon Don Bosco Society gives great importance to education. It started its educational programme in 1985 through Fishermen Community Development Centre. FCDP looks after the education of children from Nursery classes to Degree courses and also supports technical and professional courses. Due to the various programmes conducted by FCDP in the field of education in the last several years, the fishermen community has noticeably improved in their level of education. We can proudly say that in the past few years, the vast majority of students from the fishing community who wrote SSLC, PDC, DC, PG and technical or professional exams passed due to the efforts put in by FCDP.

To take care of the basic education of little children in the coastal area and to make sure that they are better prepared to get admission in Std:1, we have a Nursery school in Don Bosco welfare centre at Pallithottam. An organizer, 1 teacher and 1 helper are appointed to be in charge of this Nursery school. We admitted 30 children in the class in this reporting period.

In this period we held 3 meetings with parents to evaluate the functioning of our Nursery schools with regard to learning, character formation, discipline and extra-curricular activities of their children.

The teachers met every month to study and evaluate the attendance, character and application to study of the children and the cooperation of their parents. The organizer and the teachers regularly visit the families to prevent drop-outs , to collect fees and to discuss about the children’s progress with their parents.

FCDP started the evening tuition classes in June for the academic year 2011-2012.

We had admitted 560 children in the 4 remedial education centres. Every day classes begin at 5 and end at 7.30 pm. The first two hours are utilized for teaching various school subjects and the last hour for supervised study. Before every terminal examination in their own schools, to prepare the children for them, we conduct our own exams in all our remedial education centres. This helps us to identify the weaker students and to give them extra coaching.

We conducted tuition classes in the evenings for children studying in classes IV to X.

At Pallithottam and Mundakkal we have evening classes for children studying in classes IV to X, at Thangassery and Kakkathope for children studying in classes IV to VIII. Our aim through these programmes is to encourage the children to go to school willingly, to make sure that they pass on to the higher classes, and to help them get high marks in their SSLC examinations. We conduct these classes using the class rooms and facilities of Infant Jesus L.P. school at Pallithottam, Don Bosco Boy’s Home at Mundakkal, St. Patric L.P. school at Thangassery and FCDP centre at Kakathope To look after these evening classes we have 1 organizers and 28 teachers.

Through the kind cooperation of FCDP, Sea Coast Mission center and Marthoma Youth a Christmas fellowship program was organized for the students belonging to various tuition centers managed by FCDP. This was organized on 18th December 2010 at Kodimaram. It was inaugurated by Marthoma Youth president Mar Joseph Barnabas and presided over by Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Sugun, the Episcopal Vicar of Kollam Diocese. Respected Chairman of FCDP Rev. Fr. Paulson and Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Mekkattuparampil were also present on the occasion. Music, dance and cultural entertainment program put up by Marthoma youth and tuition students made the event colorful.

FCDP conducts Summer Vacation Camps every year during the months April-May so that the children of the coastal region spend their vacation meaningfully. Classes are conducted in the morning to increase proficiency in Mathematics, English, and Hindi. Games and extra curricular a ctivities included in these camps increase their general knowledge, skills in leadership and cultural activities.

This year Vacation camp was organized from 20th April to 19th May 2011 for children at Pallithottam, Thangassery and Kakkathope. The camp was named ‘Venal Mazha 2011’. 254 students studying in 5th to 9th standard participated in the camp.

The camp was conducted under the leadership of Deacon Biju Sdb. It was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Sugun Joseph the Episcopal Vicar of Kollam Diocese. These camps were also organized with the help of Marthoma Sea Coast Mission, Kollam.

We had some special classes for high school students to instruct them about the best methods of writing examinations, self-confidence and the special preparation needed for each subject. On 9-07-2011 a orientation class was conducted by Mr. Antony Saltric for the SSLC students in FCDP Don Bosco tuition centre on How to study and attend the class.

The organizer and the teaching staff regularly visit the homes of these students in all the remedial education centers in order to prevent drop-outs, to understand the children’s behavior at home and to discuss about the children with their parents