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Communicable Diseases
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Non communicable diseases
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•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
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Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.

Programme For fishermen


Don Bosco Fish Marketing Centre began its activities under the leadership of the Director of FCDP and 5 member ad hoc committee. On 3rd May 1997 the first General Body meeting of the DBFMC was held at Don Bosco Centre, Mundakkal, and elected a 15 member committee. In the same meeting the office bearers of the Kollam District Committee were also present. In the same meeting the office bearers of the Kollam District committee of the Swathanthra Malsya Thozhilaly were present. The Federation recognized the members of Don Bosco Fish marketing Centre as another section (Section-B) of the Pallithottam branch of the Kerala Swathanthra Malsya Thozhilaly Federation. The same general meeting elected another 11 member committee exclusively to deal with legal problems relating to the work of the members of DBFMC.


FCDP gave loans to boat owners for buying boats and nets. We gave loans also for repairing the boats and their engines. The employee in each also has taken loans under the responsibility of their boat owner. The upper limit of these loans is Rs.3000.00. Besides, we also gave emergency off-season loans to the members from the Vijaya Bank

Out Board Engines.

During this year, under the security of FCDP 9 boat owners of this group received loans from the Andhra Bank to buy 9.9 Suzuki engines and Plywood boats.


There are 2 different fishing seasons here. At the end of each season, FCDP gives gifts to the boat owners and their workers from their own contributions to FCDP. FCDP is the only organization that gives gifts like this in our area. This year FCDP gave them gifts as usual at the end of both seasons.


Don Bosco Fish Marketing Centre has its own committee of the Chairman, Director, Vice Chairman and Treasurer of FCDP, 2 representatives of KSMTF’ B section, and nine chosen from among its General Body. This committee met 7 times and evaluated their activities.

FCDP arranged 2 meetings of the boat owners to sensitize them on the loans which they and their workers have taken from FCDP.

The activities of DBFMC go on quite successfully under the care of FCDP. It is because of the direct interventions of the Director of FCDP that DBFMC has discipline, unity in activities and orderliness in getting financial assistance.


FCDP is conducting computer course. During this year 32 students are still continuing the computer course.


The project location is Mundakkal west at Thope, Kollam in Kerala. It is also referred to as Vedikunnu. It is 200 meters from the sea. There are about 300 families living in this area. About 50% of the population is involved in fishing while others are daily wage workers.

There is need to address the issue of health in the area. We propose therefore to collaborate with a well established hospital in the town to reach out through a clinic and dispensary so that people can access health facilities in their own village area.

With the assistance of Bishop Benziger Hospital and College of Nursing. FCDP runs a Clinic cum Community Health Centre in the region.

A Doctor is available at the Clinic daily from 9.30am and to 1.00pm. Special Well Baby clinics are run 3 days per week. Every Wednesday Vaccination is given to children. General clinics are conducted on Thursday and Saturdays. An average of 60 patients frequent the clinic daily.

We have conducted several Medical Camps and awareness class in and around the health centre.