Service Offered Data

Communicable Diseases
•  Helimenthiasic
•  Chicken pox

Non communicable diseases
•  Heart Diseases
•  Diabetus mellitus

Adolescent Care Services
•  Additional supply of vitamins and
   minerals More+

Services Offering

•  Preventive Services
•  Curative Services
•  MCH Services
•  School Health Services
•  Adolescent Clinic
•  National health programmes

Project Justification

The FCDP has been rendering yeomen service to the poor and needy of the coastal belt of Kollam District since 1985. It was a time when more than half the fisher folk were living in deplorable conditions.

Programme For fishermen

Preventive Service

Health education, immunization, De-worming Adolescent clinic etc. are main service rendered by the centre for preventive health.
Health education sessions are organized by the health staff on second Wednesday of every month. Health education topics include Communicable diseases treatment and prevention, Nutrition, Antenatal and Postnatal care, Climate change and health effects, Skin diseases and preventions, Sexually transmitted diseases etc. Every Wednesday is immunization day. All vaccines of the national immunization programme are given.

Creative Service

An out patient clinic with one medical officer offer consultation and treatment daily from 9.30 am to 1.00 pm. Treatment for all minor diseases and referral service are available the medicines and primary care is free of cost to all patients.

Nutritional Services

Nutrition services include nutritional assessment, diet planning to family, Nutritional education and Nutritional supplementation.

MCH Service

Every Antenatal and Postnatal mothers are identified and registered at the centre. All necessary care is provided based on their needs. This includes assessment of antenatal and postnatal mothers. Health education, screening for urine sugar immunization and distribution of iron, folic acid, calcium tablets etc.

School Health Service

Health camps and special health education programmes for students and training for teachers were organized and conducted for different schools by Community Health Centre.

Adolescent Clinic

This year, centre has started an Adolescent Clinic for adolescent population under Community Health Centre. Health Check up, Awareness, classes, immunizations, Nutritional Programmes etc are included in Adolescent clinic.

National Health Programmes

Centre is cooperating with all national Health Programmes such as PPI,MDA,RNTCP, Leprosy education programmes, JSY (Janany Suraksha Yojana)etc.

Other Services

Centre is cooperating with all special health programmes such as special health camps, eye camps and blood group detection camps by different organizations.

Data Collection

Basic data about house and family members are collected by survey and periodical resurvey, information regarding population including special age groups, vulnerable groups, their health status and house and environmental conductions are collected by survey.

Health Appraisal

Home visits are conducted periodically and all necessary primary care are given during each visit for the whole family.

Referral Service

By house visit, clients with problems will be referred to the community health centre.

Health Education

Family education and individual education on health related topics and home management of communicable and non communicable diseases are also under taken.